Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Pictures and Pointers

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: Pictures and Pointers

A kitchen backsplash really can be the crowning touch to set off any countertop that gives it a finished look and makes it even more inviting when it’s time for food preparation. The sky’s really the limit too when it comes to materials, and designs and as far as height is concerned, generally speaking the trend is about 12 inches and under. However, you can go right up to the bottom of your cabinets if you want to.

Now the funny thing though, is that the word “backsplash” in the vast majority of cases really is a misnomer. This is because other than, say around a sink, folks in general understand that for the most part there’s going to be very little splashing landing on them. So they’re installed for aesthetics but that’s enough because when good kitchen backsplash ideas are done well they do look good.

Now another thing well worth noting here, is that unlike other areas in your home like, say countertops, showers, and floors that feature similar material applications, a backsplash receives no stress or wear at all. That is that no one is going to walk, cut or pound on it, and neither will it have to endure regular water contact like a bath or a shower wall will.

“The first thing you want to do is insure that the substrate (the surface the tile will adhere to) is structurally sound, clean, and flat. The substrate provides the base for the rest of your backsplash project, so it needs to be solid!”

As you can see here, it's going right on the sheetrock after a primer coat

So what this means is that you won’t have to account for any support issues with an underlayment of cement. Rather you’re free to apply yours directly onto the sheet rock with no problem at all.

That is after the gloss paint in the area has been covered with a good coat of primer for optimal adhesion.

You also may want to run a couple of screws through the sheet rock into each stud as well along the area where you plan on working, to make sure that it’s firmly attached down to the studs.

Then once you’ve decided to roll up your sleeves, put on some rubber gloves and turn the best of your kitchen backsplash ideas into reality you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. You’ll be surprised to discover that with so many DIY tile-work info websites to refer to, and your local warehouse hardware store offering to do your tile cuts for $.50 each that it’s a lot easier to do than you thought it would be.

Kitchen Backsplash Murals Made Easy

It’s also easier than ever today to turn ideas for kitchen black splash murals into reality too because they’re now readily available in kit form over the Internet. A kit means that every mural tile that you need for the job comes ready to go right out of the box. Each one labeled and marked out on a map, so if you can follow a set of simple instructions it’s just a matter of applying them one at a time in their designated place until your mural is complete.

“Mermaids, lighthouses, nautical, fantasy, seashells, seashores and ships are just a small sampling of the beach scenes available to you”.

Ocean and seashore kitchen mural designs are currently among the most popular.

Then as far as the actual designs for kitchen backsplash murals are concerned, a better mural site that specializes in them will also have you covered there as well.

Murals in a broad range of popular design genres, and also in a good selection of sizes and shapes although currently ocean, and beach-front designs seem to be among the most popular.

As you browse the selection though, it’s crucial that you not lose track of the fact that whatever you end up going with has to fit properly. Not just your tile mural but the rest of the tile work on the back of the counters must also fit in with your design scheme as well, creatively and literally.

So measure carefully and calculate well because even small mistakes in the planning and design process of tile work can turn out to be big problems. For instance failing to account for and calculate in the eight inch or so of space that grout lines take up is one common source of problems. Also make sure to match your grout color with the existing grout color on your counter if it’s also tile.

Stone Backsplash Options and Info

If you’re exploring the concept of installing a stone backsplash in your home then the first big tip for you is that you have a “whole lot of choices” when it comes to types and styles of stone that you’ll end up doing your job with. For instance with regards to polished marble alone, there are quite literally “thousands of types” to choose from today because it’s now being quarried all over the globe.

Now of course it’s unreasonable to consider that you would actually check out thousands of different samples before you decide. However, the fact is that today thanks to the Internet it is perfectly reasonable that you could look at hundreds of pictures of various types of marble tiles, and slabs that are ready for sale if you really wanted to.

“This stone backsplash from Lowe’s was about $25 a box (includes 6 pieces in each box). To complete the entire kitchen backsplash and desk area, we used 8 boxes. We also had to purchase 3 electrical outlets and 2 light switches in the oil rubbed bronze. Not too shabby to transform the entire kitchen for under $350 in materials”!

Slates natural earth-tone colors and matte surface blends well.

Then of course there’s always polished granite that has remained popular for decades, so it’s a pretty safe bet for home interior designers. It just seems to never go out of style.

At the same time though, just like with polished marble there a few things to be learned about selection before you head out shopping, and the your first bit of info here is that prices vary drastically.

Black granite for instance will always tend to be the most expensive because it contains the most iron. It’s the iron in granite that gives it the black color.

Iron is hard though, so the darker the granite is, the harder and more labor-intensive it will be to quarry, cut, and polish which in turn works to boost up its price tag. So it’s simple. The lighter the color the lower the price.

Then slate is also another popular stone backsplash design option, and one big “plus” going in its favor, is that due to its earthtone matte finish it tends to blend in well with other colors and surface textures in a kitchen design scheme. Do keep one thing mind though.

That is that rough stone products like slate tend to be very unforgiving during installation if you’re not careful with adhesive or grout during installation. They just don’t wipe off easily like polished surface materials. Also keep in mind that a sealer has to be applied to rough stone when the work is competed, and then reapplied periodically, (once a year or so) particularly in high water contact areas.

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